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    People are not aware of their existence, despite the fact that they use their products


    The Pandemic and the resulting supply chains disruptions served as a development trigger.  Previously – as an assembly company – we had no opportunity to participate in the process of constructing electronics… After the success of our propositions for alternative solutions during the disruptions in deliveries of original components from Asia, our clients are ready for that – says Michał Kielan, Sales and Business Development Director of Biazet company, manufacturing products for Electrolux and Philips, among others. – This increased the pace of works related to the development of our own products.


    Biazet has been a company that has been operating as a so-called contract manufacturer for other companies for over two decades.


    Since 2015, Biazet has been focusing on changing the profile of their business operations – it wishes to join the group of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).


    Biazet’s own products are going to be deployed as early as 2023, however not under its own brand name.




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