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    Engineering and Product Development

    Biazet as a business partner supports clients in solving complex engineering problems. The solutions we work out together are incorporated in manufactured products. Our team of experienced engineers from various disciplines works on the development of products and their implementation for production. Starting from the early product design stage, Biazet engineers support customers in their industrialization, development of injection molds, design of assembly lines and other equipment and quality control systems.

    Development of Injection Molds and Tools

    The quality of plastic parts largely depends on the quality and precision of injection molds. Therefore, Biazet assigns great importance to the design and manufacture of molds. We have our own tool shop, which allows us to make tools quickly and in a fully controlled manner. We also use external services – a network of reliable toolmaker partners in Europe and Asia allows us to offer a wide range of solutions.

    Injection Molding of Plastic Parts

    Thanks to our modern machinery and an experienced and dedicated team of engineers we ensure that each project is implemented successfully. Experience in the production of one- and two-component injections, overmolding of metal elements and gas injection allows us to meet the requirements of our most demanding customers. We are constantly gaining new experience and investing in new technologies. We now offer production using modern machines with a clamping force of 50t to 650t, and multi-colour pad printing services.


    Biazet is an expert in the assembly of finished products. We manage the whole process of assembly or sub-assembly, test products on the assembly line and pack them. The application of Lean Manufacturing principles in the design of production solutions results in reduced inefficiencies and increased productivity. In preparing the concepts of assembly lines, we apply Ready Work Factor and Standard Time Form Methods. We manage risk and develop contingency plans. For all assembled products, we always guarantee the highest quality of workmanship.

    Project Management

    Our customers are looking for ways to shorten the duration of the project and minimize risk – which is exactly what we offer through professional project management. From the early stages of product design to the implementation of production, our project managers engage a variety of resources covering the need for all necessary competences to complete a project. Biazet implements diverse projects – from the implementation of new products to the transfer of existing production from other plants of the Customer or competition. Always within the agreed budget and on time.

    Transfer of Production

    We see how our customers are increasingly moving their manufacture operations from Asia to Europe and from Western Europe to Central and Eastern Europe. Biazet has extensive experience in the implementation of such projects. We minimize  risks associated with the transfer of production through careful planning, open communication with the client and flexible production. We offer comprehensive solutions for the relocation of entire production lines.

    Supply Chain Management

    We are aware that an effective supply chain is the driving force of our competitiveness. What we offer to our customers is not only engineering and production, but also a network of suppliers of different components located locally and around the world. We manage our own suppliers, but we can also use the ones specified by our customers. With the production relocation projects, we offer customers solutions based on local suppliers.


    Here at Biazet, quality is always our top priority. We constantly monitor quality results and draw conclusions to improve our production processes. We are certified ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015, but our commitment to the quality of offered manufacture goes much further. We focus on continuous improvement, equipment damage prevention and training of employees. We are proud of the fact that we not only meet but also strive to exceed the quality requirements of our international customers.

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