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    In previous publications we announced that Biazet is preparing to implement a project for a world leader in the vacuum cleaner market. Now we can officially announce that we are the only manufacturer of Electrolux vacuum cleaners in Europe.

    Despite the difficult situation related to COVID-19, the entire process was carried out on time and the first Premium Platform was launched in November 2020 followed by second platform in January 2021 – Currently 18 models in production at Biazet.

    The entire project involved the transfer of more than 100 injection tools. For the needs of the new production, Biazet has invested in the purchase of 17 brand new injection moulding machines, thus the number of injection units has already increased to 48. To visualized the progress we started in mid of 2016 with 7 machines only.

    This is our next success, proving the continuous development of Biazet. It is confirmed that working together we are strong and effective in a team.





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